Sunday, June 29, 2014

Discovering New Worlds within Water Drops

Aloha dear reader,

Here are my latest photos, of glycerol drops on decomposing leaves.

I hope  you're having a really lovely day today.  That said, it's quite beautiful here where I am.  Tho it's freezing cold it is very sunny Australia this morning, we are experiencing blizzard type weather south of here.   I've been so fascinated with taking iPhone macro photographs of water on various things, and a friend of mine recently suggested a great idea to help me with this, is to use glycerol instead of water, which is more oily, but still as transparent, and has a bit more shine and polish and staying power, so works well for reflections.  So, I've been experimenting.   I've been learning so much, and I am especially keen to tell you how, now that I've learned how important setting exposure and focus is, I'm starting to do a little bit better with both, and seeing my photos improve, which is so great.

My friends on Instagram, are saying all kinds of cool things about my water drops that really tickle me, so I asked if I could quote them, and they kindly said yes.

@yarmentis - instagram
. each water drop is a magical trip in a micro universe!

@msmsgs - instagram
. like a world in a Water Drop

@caroladdassi - instagram
. like a vessel cruising in outer space

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