Sunday, June 22, 2014

Partial to Water Drops

Guys, hello there.  Hope you're having a great day out there!  As it happens, I am a little bit partial to water drops, water in general, any body of it, anywhere, anytime, yes I'm a sucker for that clear, liquidy stuff, that comes in all hues of blue, green and everything else in between.

This fascination with water has led to less partiality and more all consuming passion, with water drops, reflections in water drops, water drops on plants, insects, all kinds of surfaces and especially dried and used up acrylic paint palettes.   So this is where I'm coming from today, this image before you, is actually a drop of H2O yes, it's just water as clear as crystal from a syringe (less the needle bit on the end).  No tricks were employed here, just natural lighting, and an old paint palette, with some dried up acrylic on it.  I simply dropped a water drop, right on top of what looked like a miniature scene going on, got out my olloclip macro lens, and presto, voila!!  Something new, exciting and certainly different and unexpected emerged from the shot.  To me, it doesn't look like a water drop at all, it looks more like the paint has just been sort of plonked there, now you get different results every which way you turn the paint palette, so is it any wonder I'm hooked, I've collected ten or so paint palettes and old brushes, so that should keep me busy photographing for days, until the sunshine comes out to play and I can return to my first love, nature, insects and naturally formed rain drops and dew drops on leaves and stuff.  I hope you enjoy this one in the meantime.  More coming your way soon!

Aloha from Karin x

Oh yeah and ps, a pretty cool thing happened to me the other day, Olloclip, yes! Olloclip noticed my photos and actually featured one of my worn pencils on Instagram. Thank you for giving me access to the most wonderful invention of all, the Olloclip macro lens, it's changed the way I look at my world!

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