Friday, July 4, 2014

The Joy of Experimentation: iPhone Olloclip Macro Photography

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As you can see, I've been very busy taking iPhone macro photos of my latest favourite thing, glycerol!!!  Thanks to a lovely friend pointing me in this direction, I've been experimenting, and if you were to see me now, you would think I was surely a mad professor.   I have been so excited about this whole new adventure, I seem to barely sleep, eat or breathe....which are all necessary for living...!!!

I hope you like these, they are just a few of my favourites.  I'm sure you'll be curious as to how these were taken and want to know a little more, so I thought I'd share a little bit about how these were captured.

How these effects were achieved.

1. I experimented here with a tall glass tumbler, inside it I stuffed some colourful wool.  On the outside of the glass, I used a glass eyedropper to apply some glycerol and let it drip.  With Camera+ I set the mode to 'burst' and took a series of images while the drip was moving down the glass. I purchased glycerol at my local pharmacy for about AUD$7.  What you see here is the wool fibre being 'reflected' or shown through the glycerol.  Not sure that reflection is quite the right word.

2. Next up, we have what is actually a leaf stalk held upside down, with a drop of glycerol applied to it.    In the background, you can't see anything, because I've masked it out in Filterstorm app, using the black and white mask, only partially, over the background area, I removed all the background, using a stylus pen with a rubber tip.  To create the decorative effects, I transferred the image in Procreate for iPad and worked with the stylus pen and brushes in the app, to create this rather lovely fresh pattern, underneath the stalk wasn't all that attractive so here I just tried to beautify it for aesthetic reasons.  You'll see in image #3 why, the stalk just isn't all that pretty.  The reflection this time is a ball of wool or wool fibre that was very colourful.

3. Same as 2, except in the reflection we have blue raffia/dried grass like stuff you buy from the local $2 shop in the craft section.  I thought it was a neat effect, so voila!!!  I hope you like it!  The blue in the background, is of course, the blurred raffia.  When you take photographs with the olloclip macro lens, it automatically blurs the background, so what you see here, is edited slightly but not much really, just cropped and a little brightened and contrasted in Filterstorm.

4. this one is again, the stalk of a dried leaf that blew into my backyard from a neighbouring tree.  I don't know what the name of it is sorry about that, I must ask my neighbour to identify it for me.   The tip has a blob of glycerol, which is an oily clear substance, and works well for shine and is sometimes a little bit heavier and more stable (and shiny) than water.  I also love using water.  I've altered the colours ever so slightly in Filterstorm, I am not sure, but I don't think anything was being reflected deliberately this time.

5. This was fun to create!!  I got some dried water paints that were about $2 for the set, I wet them and when semi dry, I gouged some out and applied them to the glycerol drop, which this time I sat on a mirrorred surface which is how the reflection of the glycerol comes about, and in the background, I set up an old colourful paint palette, which had leftover dried paint on it, so that it too would add to the reflections being cast.

6. Lastly this is a glycerol drop also, but this time, I placed the glycerol directly onto an old paint palette covered in dried paint, here I dropped it right on top of some silvery gold pigment and later I did edit this quite a lot, using filterstorm and filterstorm neue, to add colour and foreground, while subtracting a lot of the background to make the drop pop.

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