Wednesday, June 25, 2014

she sells sea shells by the seashore

Last night I thought I'd try something a little bit new with some sea shells I'd collected a long time ago which I have on display in a recessed glass 'window' coffee table, with some sand and other things I've collected by way of sand, twigs and unusual leaves, because I'm doing a 7 week course at the moment run my Emil Pakarklis of iPhone Photography School through his iPhone Photography Academy which is proving to be a wonderful success, I would highly recommend his course to anyone interested in improving their iPhone photography.

We were doing a tutorial about VSCOcam app, so I decided I'd try out some of the filter presets and see what I could come up with, all in all I was fairly happy with the outcome, using in two of them, another app called Stackables and Filterstorm for the finishing touches.

The app I chose in VSCOcam changed the colour from a somewhat too warm colour that had far too much in the way of yellow tones, as I like the more worn beachy feel of the washed out, cooler colours, it seems to suit the theme and the subject better than very warm tones that were there, due to shooting at night with just a lamp for lighting.  As you probably know the iPhone doesn't work as well in low light situations, so using the VSCOcam app to change the look and feel slightly, really helps with colour distortion.

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